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Upgrade your moorings

How safe is your mooring?

Although your mooring may look safe on the surface, there could be hidden horrors a deeper depths, ask us about our lift and check service.

Safe, Maintained Moorings

We install, maintain and renew moorings placed on lake Windermere by the lake wardens by direct arrangement with commercial and private owners.

You can have confidence that your yacht/boat is safe on a well maintained mooring, made with a high standard of galvanised steel on a single or double block, and regularly inspected and renewed as part of our lift and check service.

It is important that your mooring is inspected regularly since oxidisation occurs at differents rates across the range of depths in the lake, so quite often what you may see in the top few meters of your chain doesn't neceesarily reflect what is happening much further below. Don't become a salvage statistic!

We can also do a lift and move to different locations around Lake Windermere providing you have permission from Windermere Lake Wardens.


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Moorings T&Cs in plain English

Keeping you boat safe

We always advise commissioning a lift and check prior to moving your boat to a new mooring

We advise the minimum lift and check frequency to be no greater than 18 months, however we do recommend 12 months.

In the event of storms or other adverse weather conditions, we cannot guarantee that the equipment will stand up to the stress of weather. We therefore advise you commission a lift and check after any storm and prior to mooring your boat.